Hand applicable mortar

  • Description

A high quality, solvent free, two part general-purpose epoxy for manufacturing, modifying, filling and repairing. BIT STICK has been specifically developed to produce a product requiring no Health and Safety labelling, unlike most other similar products on the market, which are usually labelled as Irritant. BIT STICK offers the benefits of a fast curing system with easy application and exceptional performance. Supplied as a single stick with the activator contained within the blue coloured base component. BIT STICK may be used to repair damp or wet substrates and even cures underwater. Its flexible nature also allows adhesion to most plastics. Once cured BIT STICK may be sanded, drilled or painted.

  • Benefits
  • Easy and accurate mixing every time - just break off required amount and mix like putty
  • Fast curing - can be finished within 2 Hours
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Bonds to damp or wet surfaces
  • Can be ground, drilled, machined etc.
  • Preparation

Prior to application all surfaces should be clean and sound and free of general grime. Remove all existing coatings or corrosion products by abrading back to clean metal. Any areas contaminated with grease or oil should be degreased with a suitable solvent.

  • Mixing/application

Break off the required amount of BIT STICK and mix until no streaks are observed. Apply to the repair area within 5 minutes of mixing and ensure all holes or voids are completely filled. On damp or leaking surfaces force the BIT STICK into the holes and keep pressure applied until adhesion takes place. DO NOT USE BELOW 5şC

  • Health and safety

BIT STICK contains no dangerous substances exceeding the limits of the EU directive. It is however, recommended, that the hands are washed immediately after use, using either a proprietary hand cleaner or soap and water. Always keep BIT STICK away from foodstuffs and food utensils.

  • Important

The information and data given is based on our own experience, research and testing and is believed to be reliable and accurate. However, as we cannot know the varied uses to which our products may be applied, or the method of application used, no warranty as to the fitness or suitability of our products is given or implied. It is the users responsibility to determine suitability of use.